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Learning for Change
The Greedy Triangle
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Shaheed Amar Singh Public School intends to have a different approach towards learning. The mission of the school is to ensure learning process in the school recognizes each child’s individuality. The focus here is child-centric education so that the child can evolve into a responsible human being. To enable each child learn continuously by enabling him/her to familiarize with the environment, look it from a different perspective, analyze and assimilate its various aspects. This would enable the child to learn not only in the school but also in at home, while playing, while visiting new places and so on.

The purpose is to educate, empower with life skills, and develop within the child multidimensional intelligence-cognitive, emotional, social, moral and spiritual, to enable the child realize his/her potential and not just make a child literate. The different learning styles help children to grow up as responsible and self-reliant individuals. To facilitate the child to become sensitive to other citizens such as the aged, disabled, all genders, races, ethnicity and treat others with compassion.

The school encourages the child to develop a link with the nature so that nature can act as a guide, friend and a source of inspiration to solve the many problems that the world faces today. The motto of the school is ‘Learning for Change’ and hence our aim is not only to develop our children into conformist citizens but also agents of change. To challenge orthodox belief and stimulate changes in the society, nation and the world. In this process the Teacher acts as a guide, a facilitator and a source of inspiration.